Beans, Water Only For FLDS Kids?
(KUTV) Children inside Warren Jeffs' polygamous sect are only allowed meals consisting of beans and water, an anti-polygamy activist alleges.

"We believe the children of the FLDS have been on this strange bean diet now for about six months," said K. Dee Ignatin, executive director of Americans Against Abuses of Polygamy.

To draw attention to her cause, Ignatin has put herself on a week-long "bean fast" and is sharing her experience online.

"While the children of the FLDS suffer this way we're asking you to stand with us in solidarity this week," Ignatin said in one of her daily YouTube videos documenting her fast.

On her blog she asks others to join her in eating only beans and water and to contact the offices of the attorneys general in Arizona and Utah and demand they investigate the issue.

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is controlled by imprisoned leader Warren Jeffs, 57, who is serving a life sentence in Texas on convictions of sexually assaulting two underage girls.

Ignatin says contacts inside the FLDS Church and others who recently left the church have confirmed that Jeffs ordered the bean and water-only diet.

"We understand the children of the FLDS are required to eat every bean put in front of them," Ignatin said. "There are families who are so incredibly loyal to Warren Jeffs that they are sticking like glue to this beans and water diet."

Ignatin also attributes her information about the bean-exclusive meals to Ruby Jessop, who fled the FLDS Church in January with her six children.

"The children of the FLDS got no lunch today," Ignatin said. "They do not get lunch right now; per Warren's orders they only need breakfast and dinner."

As part of her crusade, Ignatin contacted the Texas prison where Jeffs is serving time and asked for a copy of the inmates' menu for the same week as her bean fast.

"For lunch he had a baked sausage link, pinto beans, steamed rice, greens, sweet potatoes, corn bread, punch and peanut butter bars," Ignatin reads from the menu. "You got to wonder as he sits there alone in his cell and he's brought these meals, does he follow what he preaches?"

Former FLDS member Isaac Wyler, who still lives in Colorado City, says Jeffs has recently mandated several strict dietary rules to his followers.

"There's not pork or dairy products," Wyler said of some of the food restrictions. "He received a revelation, said they can't eat it anymore."

Wyler said he has not heard that children can only eat beans but that "their main source of protein is beans."

As to what Jeffs is eating in prison, Wyler said: "He's the prophet, he can do whatever he wants. He's always right."
Originally broadcast Thursday, March 7 2013