Sister Wives Brown Family Tree
Sister Wives Brown Family Tree

It was already difficult keeping up with the 21 family members on TLC’s hit reality series Sister Wives which features Utah polygamist Kody Brown and his four wives, but throw in the fact that some of the children are from a previous marriage and that one of the sister wives was married to a brother of another sister wife, and what you’re left with is a big ol’ polygamuddy mess!

So we combined some professional-grade ancestegery with a bit of graphic design and came up with a “family tree” that should help simplify matters. (We recommend that regular viewers of the show print it out, laminate it and use it whenever watching Sister Wives.)

Here’s the information in harder-to-digest text form:

Kody Brown, 42

1st wife: Meri, 39
Children with Meri:
Daughter Mariah, 14

2nd wife: Janelle, 41
Previously married to Adam Barber, 41 (no children)
Adam Barber is the brother of Kody’s 1st wife Meri
Children with Janelle:
Son Logan, 15
Daughter Madison, 14
Son Hunter, 13
Son Garrison, 11
Son Gabriel, 8
Daughter Savanah, 5

3rd wife: Christine, 37
Children with Christine:
Daughter Aspyn, 14
Daughter Mykelti, 13
Son Paedon, 11
Daughter Gwendlyn, 8
Daughter Ysabel, 6
Daughter Truely, under 1

4th wife Robyn, 32
Previously married to David Preston Jessop, 31
Children with David Jessop:
David, Jr. (now known as Dayton), 10
Aurora, 8
Breanna, 6
Originally published October 23, 2010